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Dodge bullets and last as long as you can. Every 10 seconds the stage will change with new time circles that alter the way time and bullets work.

Tools: Haxe, HaxeFlixel, FlashDevelop, Photoshop


Left/right - Move
Left/right (double-tap) - Dash
Down - Duck
Z - Jump
Z (in air) - double jump


This is the 48 Hour Compo Entry with no sound and probably a few glitches. It's a fairly simple game, but I focused a lot on making sure your block/player felt responsive and smooth to control.

Every 10 seconds new "time circles" will open up over the playfield. There are 3 types: slow, fast, and reverse.

Slow - Slows down bullets/time
Fast - Speeds up bullets/time
Reverse - Reverses bullets/time

Circles not only alter the speed and direction of bullets, but can also alter how fast time moves (or doesn't!). So while a slow time circle may provide you with safety inside of it, your time will also slow down. Fast circles are dangerous, but allow you to quickly pass seconds. And reverse circles are like shields, but you'll actually "gain" time inside of them.

Thanks to everyone for playing!